Choosing the correct Sports Betting Site is a hard choice, there are hundreds of betting sites and not all of them are created equal. I wish I knew this when I started betting 15 years ago. I signed for a bookmaker and I used it for few years before finding better alternative. I heard from friends they are using a website where the odds are better, as well as the customer support is more friendly. I tried the new bookmaker for few days and I immediately felt I've made the wrong choice before. Since then I used tens of bookmakers, some good, some worse but now I have the knowledge to select the websites I like the most. The bookmakers listed below have been picked after careful research. The number one factor is safety, all the companies have operated online for a long time and they are trusted by millions. Stick with me through the article and you will find out what are the Best Sports Betting Sites.

Betfair best sports betting sites

Betfair is a very different kind of betting site. The company was founded in 2000 and its headquarters are located in London. They have a normal bookmaker, but the product which I will review is their betting exchange. It is a very special service, because it does not work in the same way like the other betting sites. The bets are exchanged between people through sophisticated software, but the result is a very simple and clean design for the user. The betting exchange charges small commission on winning bets to cover their services, but considering the odds are the best you will find online you still win more money than in a bookmaker. Betfair is especially good for bettors who bet big as there are no limits imposed on winning accounts.

  • One of the reasons you might want to choose Betfair is the odds, simply the best in the industry.
  • The site is used by millions of people around the world, safety and security are on a high level. 
  • At Betfair you can back and lay a certain outcome. Back works like in any normal bookmaker, such as you back a draw between Chelsea and Liverpool. You will win the bet if this match draws. Lay is doing exactly the opposite of backing, lets say you want to lay the draw in this match. You will win the bet if this match does not end as a draw.
  • The Betfair live betting allows you to bet on a diverse range of sports. All major events are covered, no matter the sport. 
  • Another good side of Betfair is that you can use the bookmaker in case you don't like betting exchanges. There is also poker and a very good online casino. I spend a lot of time in the casino in between matches.
  • The payment options are: credit or debit card, bank transfer, neteller, skrill and others.
  • The live streaming service offers a good quality video. The most streamed sports are football, tennis, basketball, horse racing and greyhounds.


Intertops has been online since 1996 which makes it the first online bookmaker. Being in this industry for so long time has its advantages, the company has experience and is able to deliver outstanding product. Intertops accepts US and Canadian players. Considering there are only few websites which accept US players, it almost feels like privilege to be able to use the first bookmaker. The site is being used by millions of people worldwide.

  • The first thing you should check is the "Special Offers" menu, in there you will find a lot of unique bonuses and trust me, the bonuses at Intertops are really good. up to 200$ for first deposit, for US and Canadian players even more, up to 1000$ (bitcoin deposits only). From the top bookmakers these are the best bonuses you will find. You also have the chance to refer a friend and earn a part of his first deposit. 
  • As I mentioned Intertops is the oldest online bookmaker, the security is one of the best available at online bookmaker. The slogan of the company is "Trust the first".
  • The payments are faster than other bookmakers, you also have the option to deposit with bitcoin. I consider this a big plus because more and more people are adopting bitcoin and using it for payments.
  • Another great feature is the user to user transfer, you have the ability to send money to friends through the interface of the site.
  • The design of Intertops was outdated but now it got renovated and is on par with the best betting sites. It's easy to navigate and find the right event.
  • In case you get bored with sports betting or you simply prefer playing poker or casino there is this option also. I didn't try the poker site, but there are 2 casinos at Intertops, the first is called Casino Classic, there are loads of games to choose. The second is called Casino Red and offers different kind of games. It's your choice which one you will choose.


Whatever sport you like, Bodog is going to take your attention. From american football to basketball and american football, every sport is covered well. The Bodog site is respected and well-known bookmaker. Bodog accepts US players through their sister website - Bovada. In fact only american players are accepted at Bovada, if you are from the rest of the world you will need to head to Bodog's site.

  • Bodog provides very good statistical data which may be of use to bettors who are good at analyzing this information.
  • The mobile betting is quite good and you do not need to download an app. 
  • The payment options are credit/debit card transfer, bank transfer, western union, internet wallets like neteller and skrill and Bitcoin.
  • The poker and casino sections are quite good, some good bonus offers there.
  • Speaking of bonuses, there are plenty at Bodog but you will need to check their site because the offers are country specific.

By reading our reviews you will be able to find the best sports betting site for you. All of the reviewed bookmakers are well-known and have operated online for long time. While newly opened bookmakers may offer better bonuses they are not the better choice. Stick to well-known ones which are regulated and safe to use. A good bonus offer is not the most important thing when choosing a betting site, in fact it's the least important.

Security in Sports Betting Sites

All Bookmakers have security protocols in order to guarantee the safety of your account. Hyper Transfer Protocol Secure or in short HTTPS is required to guarantee the security of your connection and the exchange of data between the website and your browser. You may be asked to send scanned copy of your id card or driving license to identify yourself, this usually happens before withdrawing money and is a one time action. It is required to stop scammers using fake identity with stolen debit cards.

Your safety when gambling online

If you are going to gamble online you need to make sure you know your limits and that you are not going to waste money which you cannot afford to lose. Some bookmakers allow you to put limit on your daily bets. If you are unable to control yourself this may be a good option. 

Bonuses in online sports betting

All of the best sports betting sites give bonuses which are a way to attract new people to their websites. Usually there is a condition which you need to fulfill before you can withdraw the funds. Before accepting the bonus read the terms and conditions for the wagering requirements. You need to use these money to bet and after you reach the required turnover requirement you will be able to withdraw. The same applies to casino bonuses. If you are unsure how much is your turnover you can send email to the support of your bookmaker.

Are all betting sites fair?

Be aware that not all betting sites are created equally, some provide better support and better odds. Regulation of online bookmakers is important, ensuring that everything is working correctly. If you have a doubt about some bookmaker you can use our sister betting forum which is linked in the top of the site.

Minimum and maximum bets online?

Minimum bets vary, but usually that's around 1$. If you are a big time bettor Betfair is the best option for you, there is no maximum bet. I have seen markets where millions are exchanged for very short time. 

 Multiple betting accounts

It's hard to find the perfect betting site. It's perfectly fine to have multiple betting accounts at different bookmakers, by doing so you guarantee yourself better odds and more betting options. There are some players who are reluctant to do, particularly the ones that have found a trustable betting site. It's easy to check the odds for event pre match and decide which odds suites you better. For live betting it's harder as odds change very fast but you can still be able to compare the odds.

 Types of Sports

Every major and not so major sport is well covered by the online bookmakers. Like football, tennis, american football, baseball, winter sports, motor sports, basketball and many more like even chess...


How long a withdrawal will take depends on your chosen payment method. With internet wallets like neteller and skrill it's faster and usually takes from minutes to few hours. While for a bank withdrawal you will have to wait days. Bookmakers receive a lot of payment requests and they need time to start the process, but the best are usually very fast.

 What are the best sports betting sites for football and tennis?

The safest poker platform for clubs can be found at New Poker, Online Video Poker Style

My opinion is that Betfair and Bet365 are the perfect for these popular sports. You have a big choice of bets and all the tennis and football matches are also in play markets. Top betting sites not on Gamstop can be found on